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Colon Hydrotherapy Testimonials

“I recommend beginning any healing regime with a series of colonics. Colon hydrotherapy is simple, painless and discreet. Trips to the colon hydrotherapist may replace trips to the doctor. The habit of regularly visiting a colon hydrotherapist will extend your life and increase your health. Your own detoxification process will allow you to take on a wider vision of yourself and your potential. An unhealthy person can be changed into a healthy person through detoxification.
Shea worked as a colon hydrotherapist for me, and Nature’s First Law, on several retreats at Eden Hot Springs (in Arizona). We loved her work and so did our guests – she is invited back to work with us at any time.“

– David Wolfe, international authority on Raw-Food Nutrition, Superfoods, Herbal Healing, Raw Chocolate and having THE BEST DAY EVER! Author of “Eating for Beauty”, “The Sunfood Diet Success System” and “Naked Chocolate”, co-author of, “Nature’s First Law”
www.davidwolfe.com www.sunfood.comwww.thebestdayever.com

“I believe that colon hydrotherapy is a valuable aid to health and healing and supports a good detox program. Shea Lynn Baird is a qualified and caring therapist that can support you in your health journey.”

– Elson M. Haas, MD, The Detox Doc™ and author of "Staying Healthy with Nutrition", “Staying Healthy with the Seasons”, “The False Fat Diet”, and "The New Detox Diet"

"Colon Hydrotherapy is the world's greatest preventative medicine. Continual improvement in diet, coupled with Colon Hydrotherapy, ensures you a life of extreme health. Not only does this potent combination prevent illness, it also heals. After personally witnessing success, after success, after success, I can say with confidence that diet and colonics can be used to heal from degenerative disease.
I am so happy there are people like Shea offering the gift of Colon Hydrotherapy. Her vast knowledge about cleansing and nutrition, complimented by her sweet, gentle and loving approach, will undoubtedly make Shea the perfect colon therapist for you.

– Matt Monarch, Raw Food Educator and author of ‘Raw Spirit’ and “Raw Success”

"Shea is my favorite colon hydrotherapist! She's professional, smart and fun. She'd put even the stiffest of clients at ease. During our visit, she thoroughly explained everything she was doing as well as gave me suggestions on how to maximize my own colon care. I would recommend anyone traveling through Santa Rosa to stop by for a session and if you're in the area, make it a habit! I wish I lived in Santa Rosa... I'd go all the time! :-)"

- Kevin Gianni, Host of the Renegade Health Show, Health Advocate, author of 'High Raw' and "The Busy Person's Fitness Solution', and the creator of "The Rawkathon" and "The Raw summit'

"Shea is an amazing and beautiful person all around! As a Colon Hydrotherapist she is skilled at bringing comfort and ease to a timid client. I have had colon hydrotherapy before, but during my initial session with Shea she answered all of my questons before I even needed to ask. She explained her approach step by step so there were no surprises. I understood what we were doing and what we were seeing - I had the understanding and experience of, "So that's why that happens!"

As an educator Shea really know her stuff! Having had the opportunity to be connected to many top educators and experts in their field, I feel confident in saying that Shea rises up as one of the Top!!

From the time she greets you outside the door when you arrive, until she walks you out when you leave, her smile lights up the room leaving you with a sense of security and love. I would recommend anyone to her!"

- Annmarie Gianni, Co-Host of the Renegade Health Show, Health Advocate,and co-author of "The Busy Person's Fitness Solution

Annmarie Gianni, Co-Host of the Renegade Health Show

"I first met Shea when I was the keynote speaker at the 2003 I-ACT (International Association of Colon Therapists) Annual Convention. Her passion for helping people see the relationship between cleansing and healing was immediately obvious. She is someone who doesn't speak from theory, but from what she has experienced in her own body, and with countless clients over the years. Seeing is believing, and Shea radiates the health that comes from practicing cleansing principles."

– Scott Ohlgren, Nutritionist, Educator, and author of, “Cellular Cleansing Made Easy”, “The 28-Day Cleansing Program”

“Shea is serious about improving your health and well-being. I was impressed by her thoughtful and informing overview of her services, her professionalism and sense of humor, and the cleanliness of her practice space. I appreciate that she takes a full inventory of a client’s general health and lifestyle, and integrates that information in a comprehensive treatment strategy. I wouldn’t hesitate recommending her to anyone.”

– Josh Holcomb, President, Eclectic Health Insurance Services

“I'd like to write a recommendation for Shea both as a Colon Hydrotherapist and as an educational resource. The conversations Shea and I had during our colon hydrotherapy sessions regarding not only the importance of making healthy food choices, but also the importance of understanding how those foods are prepared and how that can contribute to optimal or ill health has been extremely educational and beneficial to me in my evolution of healing my body. Not to mention the deep, internal cleansing and sense of lightness that I get from each session with her, both physically and emotionally. I HIGHLY recommend colon hydrotherapy and Shea specifically. The results and experience are SO WORTH IT. I will continue to work with Shea regularly for maintenance.”

-Jesseca Logan, Cert. Nutrition Consultant, Cert.Natural Chef
Thrive By Design: Integrative Nutrional Coahing / Chef Services

“I highly recommend Shea Lynn Baird to all of my nutrition/ personal training clients for her amazing colon therapy work. She is incredible at what she does and I have seen great results myself as well as hearing from my clients that have also worked with her.”

-Marina James-Galvin, Nutrition Consulant & Cert. Personal Trainer

“Shea is one of the best colon hydrotherapists I know (and I know, and have had the chance to experience, quite a few)! She is professional, knowledgeable, personable, and very supportive. The people I have referred to her have been very happy to have found her too. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a colon hydrotherapist.”

-Linda Partida, C.H.C., AADP

"In the world of colon hydrotherapy, there is a full spectrum of care and expertise, just like you'd expect in any profession or medical treatment. What sets Shea apart from other professionals is her unyielding quest for the best possible up-to-date information and cutting edge care for her clients. She is a wealth of information in the realm she resides in and shares willingly, her insights and experiences of the human bio terrain, both design and operation. Shea has unprecedented energy and enthusiasm for what she imparts, as well as passion and zeal for her work in general. You're in the best hands with Shea, and you and your loved ones will live a longer, happier, healthier life if you're fortunate enough to have access to her care."

- Angela P, Sebastopol

“Shea provided myself and my husband with colon hydrotherapy in a safe and secure environment. This was our first experience with the therapy and Shea was extremely informative making sure that we felt comfortable and fully understood before and throughout the treatment. We highly recommend Shea for such a personal and delicate treatment."

-Heather B-K, Petaluma

"I have been receiving colon hydrotherapy for over 25 years, and have probably seen a dozen or more therapists in that time, so I come from a place of experience. Shea is highly skilled, professional and sensitive to my every need. All in all - Shea facilitates an excellent colon therapy experience. Shea has also created a lovely space which is esthetically pleasing and serene. In addition – she has a great personality and heart, which means that the colonic can actually be a fun and pleasurable. Something to look forward to! I highly recommend Shea!"

– Janella T, Guerneville

"Shea Lynn Baird is very professional and personable, very attentive with great consideration for my comfort, and always helpful with information regarding questions that I have. Since I started working with Shea 2 months ago, getting colon hydrotherapy and talking about nutrition, I have lost 40 lbs. I also feel better than ever. I have more energy and motivation. Shea has encouraged me through education on proper nutrition, exercise and colon hydrotherapy.
I can’t thank her enough."

– Richard P, Healdsburg

"I first visited Shea four years ago for a series of six sessions.
Since that time I have returned every six months for subsequent series, and plan to do so into the future as well.
Losing my paternal grandmother to colon cancer sparked my interest in colon and digestive health. Shea is incredibly knowledgeable and she is always willing to share to the level of my interest. I feel both physically and emotionally rejuvenated after treatments. She is a compassionate professional, and her office is clean and comfortable and she has excellent booty-side manner. Shea is a great partner in colon health; helping to induce elimination of years of toxic intestinal build up".

– Nancy L, Santa Rosa

"Having had a lifetime of digestion and elimination problems, I had come across the idea of colon hydrotherapy years before I ever tried one. Like many people I have since told about the treatment, I was full of contempt prior to investigation! My sister started seeing Shea a year ago and within a few weeks had convinced me to try it. Now i know- colon hydrotherapy is the best care I could have given myself and my body! I made the decision to come weekly for about 3 months, and have been coming monthly since then (about 8 months). Colon Hydrotherapy and time with Shea has enabled me to clear out 50 years of stored up waste and toxins, review my diet in a different way, eliminate the foods that my body just doesn't process well, and feel better than I've ever felt! And in doing so I have achieved the perfect poo!"

– Virginia B, Rohnert Park
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10-Day Booty Boot Camp Testimonials

"The 10 day booty Boot camp had amazing effects for me on gaining clarity, calmness, and boosting my energy. I felt lightness, a soft sense of focus, balance, it helped my skin, and my eyes. It established a delightfully confident sense of being, joy flowed freely, laughter and smiles came easily, posture and stamina improved, etc., etc., etc...

Thank you for the daily guidance. You both have a wonderful gift to give to each person who is wise enough to seek you out on a path to clarity."

-Candida, Healdsburg
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Liver & Gall Bladder Flush Testimonials

"Early this Spring I was blessed to be able to do one of Shea's Liver/Gallbladder Flushes. I had experienced trouble with my Gallbladder on and off for years - one doctor had even wanted me to take it out. Last year though I could no longer ignore it. I had started to experience a constant side ache that radiated into my back from my Gallbladder - so I decided it was time I did something about it. I had heard of Gallbladder Cleanses in the past, and had even started the process on my own - drinking copious amounts of sugary apple juice only to get jittery on the sugar, chicken out, and discontinue the process. Shea gave me the support that I needed to be informed, confident and most importantly, successful in my Cleanse.

I sincerely appreciated my experience with Shea she was encouraging, supportive and gentle through the process. Shea gave me all of the supplies necessary for a non-sugar cleanse, including supplements to accentuate the cleansing process. Having been a person who has endured other arduous Cleansing programs I knew what to expect of my body during a cleanse. I felt it working, my body cleansing but thanks to Shea's precise timing of my Colonics I did not get as SICK as I have in the past from other cleansing programs. I wondered to myself if I really would pass any Gall Stones...after all it had been 42 years and in all my other cleanse attempts I've never seen ANY before.

To my surprise and glee on the final day, slowly but surely the great results came in easy waves of success. It was like you had opened up 5 different bags of frozen peas, the gall stones just kept coming and coming! I've never seen anything like it, some were much larger and some were smaller. UGH! I can't believe all those fit into my little Gallbladder and body. I even felt a lightness afterward, and my side ache was gone. My experience with Shea and her Gallbladder Cleanse was wonderful. Being in the Medical Industry myself I highly recommend Shea's program."

- Janine Thill CHT, Founder & Program Director of the Hyperbaric Recovery Center
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"The person coming before me is not a sick person coming to be healed, but rather a perfect life coming to be revealed."

— Emma Curtis Hopkins