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The following list of practitioners and resources have been collected with your health-seeking jpourney in mind.
And they all come with Colon Girl's stamp of approval! colon girl Colon Girl!

Index of Links


Cleansing Centers & Retreats

The Ann Wigmore Institute - This is THE ORIGINAL!
The rest all follow Dr. Ann in Wheatgrass & Living Food Detoxification.
Puerto Rico

Hippocrates Institute - Founded by Dr. Ann Wigmore, carried on by Drs. Brian and Anna Maria Clement.
West Palm Beach, Florida

Optimum Health Institute - Wheatgrass, Living Foods & Colon Cleansing.
San Diego, California & Austin, Texas

Tree of Life - Dr. Gabriel Cousen’s Fasting, Detoxification, Spirituality & Health Education Center.
Patagonia, Arizona

We Care Spa - Healthy eating & colon cleansing through raw foods, liquid diets, spa treatments & products.
Desert Hot Spings, California

True North Health - Dr. Alan Goldhamer's Hygienic Fasting Center
Santa Rosa, California

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Cleansing Resources

Oxy-Powder - Easy to use, effective colon cleanser.
Oxygenated Magnesium

Blessed Herbs -

The Real Food, Real Health Complete 28 Day Cleanse Course

Arise & Shine - Intense 28-day cleanse. It's what got me started.
Herbs, Psyllium & Bentonite

Ejuva - 28-day cleanse. Products are based in Ayurvedic medicine.
(Ayervedic & Chinese) Herbs, Psyllium & Seeds

Total Health Secrets - Great resource and product site.
Jon Cotton (My first cleansing guru.)

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Other Colon Therapists Elsewhere

Tummy Temple -
Seattle, Washington

Creative Lifeflow - Nancy Gurney
Ann Arbor, Michigan

Optimal Wellness of Long Island, Inc. - Jaime Clifford & Paula Hashmall
Long Island, NY



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