testimonials : food allergy testing

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testimonials :
food allergy & sensitivity testing

“My digestion process is greatly improved. I no longer have heartburn or bloaty pressure. My bowel movements have become regular, which they never were. I like the idea of not guessing what supplements I need and wasted money trying.”

– P.D. East Coast

“My arthritis is really under control and my health is much better. My legs no longer hurt. The pain is gone! My Medical Doctor gave me one month to try an alternative approach before taking care of my kidney stones. After trying Prime KB for 2 weeks, I noticed ‘sand’ in the toilet after my morning urination. This went on for 2 more weeks, although I didn’t realize what it was. I went back to my doctor to schedule the procedure for my kidney stones, however, he could no longer find a trace of them! They had completely dissolved! This program really works! I will never go off of it!”

– H.S. Southington, Connecticut

“My Lupus is virtually undetected. Complexion has completely cleared. Toenail fungus is clearing. Lost 30 lbs.”

– R.S. Santa Rosa, California

“After just a short time on just Digest Pro and my food list, my headaches went away, my joints stopped hurting and the fatigue I was experiencing left! Thank you!”

– C.W. Santa Rosa, California

“Thank you for your excellent service and outstanding program. I have experienced phenomenal improvement in my health and vitality since beginning it last December.”

– M.M. West Coast

“Food allergies are better. Lost lots of weight (from 138 to 115). Better energy, less fluid retention, and no more crashing after a meal. Better sleep, no more hot flashes. You guys know what you are doing. Thanks!”

– M.M. Northern California

“After a very short time on Carvascular I can remember all my co-workers names and the mental fog has lifted! This is a wonderful product!”

– N.T. Northern California

“No one knew how to fix my skin. After only 35 days of trying the program the burning skin has changed and the inflammation is much less. My skin is no longer hard—it looks and feels like my skin again! I can go to work and in public without people staring and giving me advice on how to fix my face from being beet red and on fire. The rash on my hands is going away, too! I’m so happy my friend told me about you! I’m giving your phone number to others who need your help!”

– K.M. Hawaii

“I sleep better. I’m more positive because I feel good. I’ve lost weight. I’m more energetic. My memory is improving.”

– K.C. West Coast

“I was having a lot of joint pain, but it’s much better now. My emotional life is more balanced, I’m sleeping better. No more constipation problems. Everyone around me got colds and I didn’t get sick.”

– E.W. Santa Rosa, California

“I’ve lost weight; have reduced body stiffness, I’m less tired in afternoons, and I’ve reduced my cholesterol levels.”

– N.W. East Coast

“By just using the diet I have more energy than before (for at least 5 years.) Also, I have not been taking my blood pressure medicines. I am completely off them for 22 days. I have my blood pressure checked each week. I am no longer feeling tired and fatigued each day.”

– D.H. New York

“Thank you for your excellent service and outstanding program. I have experienced phenomenal improvement in my health and vitality since beginning it last December.”

– M.M West Coast

“My mental outlook is better. I do not feel depressed as much. I went blackberry picking—that would not have been considered before the program. I would not have the energy to do that. I have lost 14 pounds so far. I do not feel deprived, even if I can’t eat chocolate, I do not miss it.”

– B.B. California

“I’m less tired, more energy. Seizures are much shorter. Recovery from seizures was 1-2 days, now – instant recovery.”

– D.T. Georgia

“I am grateful for the program. I am amazed at the weight loss, less stiffness, more energy, not tired. Thank You!!”

– N.T. Montana

“When I stick to foods on my diet I feel better physically. The herbs and supplements have definitely helped my skin condition.”

– N.Z. Connecticut

“Improved stamina, people commenting on how good I look lately, improved energy, better sleep, lessened depression. Clear bright eyes. Healthier thicker hair, better bowel function. Fewer bouts with colds, flu, and other catching illnesses. Shorter bouts of these illnesses when I do get them. A positive attitude about food and an excitement surrounding trying new foods and spices.”

– C.C. California

“My eating habits are much better. I have more energy and clarity in my life. It’s been easier to make time for what is really important to me. I have lost 25-30 lbs. and feel that I look younger. Folks who haven’t seen me in a while always comment on how great I look. I feel good about myself and empowered by taking control of my health. I love the foods on my list although it is harder to stay 100% on it now that my husband is also on a food list (we, of course have different spices and herbs which can make seasoning a recipe difficult). I keep thinking that if I feel this good now, how will I feel when my statistical evaluation is all plus numbers?”

– P.G.

After seven months on the program: “Energized...no pains, malaise or depression.”
Eleven months: “Am very encouraged by my progress as my PSA numbers are dropping dramatically. My doctors are perplexed and are now scheduling frequent PSA exams.”
Thirteen months: “On my (latest) appointment with the radiologist, he was so impressed that my health and PSA was improving rather than getting worse, he suggested that I not begin hormone and radiation therapy. This was quite a change in his attitude as he showed irritation because I refused to begin hormone and radiation therapy as he recommended on my first visit. I continue to be energized. I have better control of my bladder and my bowel function is improved.”
Eighteen months: “I have lost excess weight and am maintaining at a desired level. My PSA numbers are dropping, my health and energy level remains good.”

– A.W. Southern California

“I have reduced weight and bloating. Reduced congestion. I feel energetic. I feel my immune system has some snap.”

– G.M. Texas

“After one month of following the program, my skin has cleared up. I’m not as tired, and I feel satisfied with the foods I’m allowed to eat.”

– VJC Conneticut

“My energy has increased. I look healthier. My outlook is better. I heal fast, I had surgery... to remove 11 large metal pieces that hold my broken tibia together. My surgeon was very pleased how fast I healed. I have been through many drastic changes due to an automobile accident last year. I am sure the supplements and diet changes helped me heal.”

– J.J. of California

“After 3 ½ months on the program I have lost 30-35 lbs. And I have more energy. I just feel better. My blood pressure has been steadily around 120/80, and a recent lipids(blood) test showed my results to be improving.”
His doctor is impressed with his improvement and has taken him off of all blood pressure and cholesterol medications. He is no longer taking any medication.

– MPM of New York

“You have helped me so much. I’ve lost weight without trying, I feel better and all my breast cysts are gone.”

W.M. of California
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