about stephen

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about stephen

Stephen J Barlow
Colon Therapist, Massage Therapist
(a.k.a. "Captain Colonic")

My Story (as told by Shea...)
(Yah, that means it's the long version...)

Stephen might be fairly new to the colon game, but he’s no stranger to health and wellness. Stephen began his love affair with the body and what it can achieve back in 1990 when he began an extensive and grueling three year Aikido training and practice down in Santa Barbara. We’re talking ‘Karate-Kid’ here – have you seen that movie? Stephen was with his Sensei 24/7 for three years!

An interesting thing happened as a byproduct of that relationship. Stephen’s Sensei was also a ballroom dancer, and he suggested Stephen take up dance as a way to improve his martial arts skills. Stephen took to dance and within 6 months was a ballroom dance teacher’s assistant at UCSB (University California Santa Barbara). Very shortly thereafter he was teaching on his own. From there his love of dance was drawn into the world of swing dance, particularly lindy hop, and when he moved north, to San Francisco, he joined several lindy hop troupes, and eventually became one of the founding members of Bay City Boogie, a popular swing troupe back in the mid ‘90’s.  He performed and competed often, all over the country, as well as taught swing for many years. Eventually his dance evolved yet again and he became one of the founding members of the highly acclaimed and eclectic dance troupe, “Loose Change”, which features a stylized fusion of swing, hip hop, modern, tap and African dance.

Having taken a break from dance, his physical focus is now on climbing and surfing.

So how does such a physically oriented guy choose to switch to a career like colon therapy? While his life’s primarily focus was dance, Stephen decided to learn massage. That decision was prompted by a comment made years earlier by his Aikido Sensei (“If you’re going to learn how to break somebody, you should learn how to fix them first.”). So in 1994 Stephen graduated from the Santa Barbara School of massage, and he had a very successful private massage practice both in Santa Barbara and in Marin. Due to his personal experience he was able to specialize in the needs of people participating in martial arts, fitness, and dance.

In 1995, while still dancing every night away and teaching dance in the evenings and on the weekends, Stephen also began working his way up the corporate ladder at Whole Foods Market in Marin. Stephen loved his job there, loved interacting with people, but as the years wore on and the Whole Foods culture became more and more corporate, it began to lose it’s charm, and therefore his interest. (When he got together with me, I really lifted the final veil… more later…)

In 2005 Stephen began doing personal training at X-Gym, a private gym in Corta Madera specializing in super slow training.

In the Spring of 2007 Stephen and I got together to ‘catch up’ after having known each other for about 10 years, but not seeing each other for about 5. That casual meeting ended up changing everything! Within 6 months he had moved up to Santa Rosa to live with me and transferred to the Whole Foods here. He was already vegan at that time, but spending more and more time with me increased his desire to learn more about health, true health, and cleansing. Together we did a 30 day juice fast in March of 2008 and Stephen has been a raw food convert ever since! Going ‘raw’ ripped that final veil off of the Whole Foods illusion, and that coupled with the fact that we really like to be around each means it didn’t take long until our wheels where turning and we where figuring out how to work together. Turns out opening a health center has always been one of Stephen‘s goals, and now we are starting plans to do so (on a small scale).

I am proud to say that in early 2009 Stephen completed a Colon Hydrotherapy Apprenticeship Program, and he now sees clients on Mondays and Thursdays. When he's not 'pumping poo', he gives the D-Tox Ionic Foot Bath and Sauna sessions, and is working on rebuilding his Massage practice up here in Sonoma County!

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(photos: Suki Zoe)

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Stephen Dancing with 'Loose Change' (A SF Based Troupe Stephen Danced with for Many Years)