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cleansing and detoxifying your body can change your life - it changed ours!

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how to buy Microsoft shares in Hong Kong We want to congratulate you on taking responsibility for your health care, for taking this step towards optimal health, and for your commitment to wellness!

Our Philosophy:
We believe that Your Health is Your Choice. For this to to be true we need to recognize that something isn’t working with modern/ western medicine, we need to reclaim our self-responsibility and power of choice, and then we need to know our choices!

We also believe that Your Body is Designed to Heal Itself. For this to be true we have to unburden our body-systems by getting the junk out of the way and re-establishing the proper internal environment.

Our Mission: To use cleansing and detoxification modalities (cleansing programs, colon hydrotherapy, food allergy testing, foot baths, saunas and massage) to unburden your body (so it can do what what it was designed to do all along -heal itself), while using education (understanding digestion, the body's acid / alkaline balance, and the importance of raw foods) to help you make health promotingand producing choices.
(Oh yah, and To Save The World, One Colon At A Time!)

buy Uber shares Assisting your body to cleanse naturally, is, perhaps, one of the most important decisions and commitments you’ll ever make! We are dedicated to helping you fulfill this commitment, and we will support you towards achieving optimal health by providing the highest quality in colon cleansing and care. We want you to feel and look great, and we want you to be healthy! This is why we do what we do… why we practice colon hydrotherapy — Because It Works!

Your progress and your success are our foremost concern. We want you to get the results you most desire… And along the way, we hope to build a life-long wellness relationship with you. Congratulations again on taking this step, and we look forward to working with you!

how to invest in Uber shares We promise to serve you with the utmost care and respect.


Shea Lynn Baird
and Stephen J. Barlow

To get started today, call 707-529-1020 with any further questions or to schedule an appointment. Now accepting Visa and MC.


every body cleansing studio logo


shea lynn baird, stephen barlow & the new office

2345 Fourth Street, Suite B, Santa Rosa, CA, 95404
We've moved our practice to an actual office! We now share space with Dr. Oloph Granath, DDS, right on the corner of Fourth Street and Rogers Way (next to the Safeway / Longs Shopping Center).

Unless you were just web-surfing, and arrived at this website by pure cyber-luck, the odds are you typed in www.shealynnbaird.com. If so, you may have noticed that the actual URL on your browser now says: www.everybodycleansing.com. (Did you notice?) No need to worry - it's still me! (Actually, now it's "US"!)

I (Shea) will be seeing colon hydrotherapy clients on Tuesdays, Wednesday and Fridays.
Stephen will be taking on 2 regulary scheduled colon hydrotherapy client days a week (Monday and Thursday). He is also available on most Saturdays for Saturday appointments!

shea lynn baird & stephen barlow

Shea Lynn Baird ("Colon Girl")
& Stephen Barlow

shea lynn baird, stephen barlow & the new office

2345 4th St. Suite B

Santa Rosa, CA 95404

Wanna see Shea give Kevin Gianni a colonic? Watch
The Renegade Health Show!